Valdaro Industrial Park

The area of Valdaro is positioned on the market as an ideal meeting point for the transportation of goods, both nationally and internationally via road, railway and waterway. 

With its 3.6 million sq.m (of which 2 million is in the P.I.P. of Mantua and San Giorgio and 1.6 million in the connected private land lotting), the area of Valdaro is placed in a network of infrastructure of European value.


Barycentric Position

Situated in the heart of Northern Italy; linked to all major road networks.

The markets of Europe are accessible by the motorway Brennero (A22) and by train through the Adriatic corridor.

The Quadrante Europa of Verona is reachable in 20 minutes as is the airport of Verona.


Productive Area

In the vicinity of Valdaro are numerous industrial areas (in Lombardy; Veneto and Emilia) and large enterprises with an advanced level of development (Artoni, Belleli, Finegil, Versalis, LD Logistics, Thun, Ies Petrol), with which customer bases of the Logistic and Transport services are positioned within the area.



Customs are located in Valdaro.

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