Route Network

Valdaro is directly linked to the motorway exit MANTOVA NORD (North) and is around 8km from the exit MANTOVA SUD (South).

The future connection linking the Motorway Brennero (A22) with Motorway Adriatic Sea (A14) will pass the area of Valdaro on the A22 motorway Brennero.

Ostigliese Province Road (ex S.S. 482 Mantova – Ostiglia).
Goitese Province Road (ex S.S. 236 Mantova-Brescia).

Currently in construction is the intercity route that will connect Valdaro with the exit of MANTOVA SUD of the motorway Brennero (A22) and with major provincial roads (Modena-Cremona).


Railway Network

The area of Valdaro and the port inside Mantua are linked by the connecting line Mantova-Nogara (intersections with Munich-Verona-Bologna-Roma-Reggio Calabria) – Monselice-Padova-Venice that will allow a complete integration with the entire national and international rail system.

Links with the line Mantova-Cremona-Milan; with Mantova-Parma-La Spezia (Pontremolese); with Mantova-Suzzara-Ferrara-Ravenna.

Currently being tested, by the Italian Rail Network (R.F.I.) and the Region of Lombardy is the delocalization of the railway yards on the Mantua line in the Valdaro area, with the realization of new rail terminals for goods provided with functional structure for Logistics and Intermodal Transport.



The area of Valdaro is directly linked by road and rail with the port in Mantua where the shipping canal Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco-Adriatico (Mantova-Chioggia-Venezia) starts, and goes through the basin of San Leone (in Governolo, Roncoferraro) with the River Po.

The waterway is entirely navigable 365 days a year (135km from Valdaro to the Adriatic Corridor) for ships up to 1.350 tonnes with the opportunity to:
Reduce energy consumption
Reduce the cost of Transport
Guaranteed security and protection of goods
Limit the environmental impact
Develop the movement of goods with cargo and containers

The whole navigation is under the competence of the Region of Lombardy who has assigned to the Provincial Administration of Mantua the running of port authority and of the management of the 1st and 2nd sections of the port.
The 3rd section of the port is under realization that will have an extension of 160.000 sq.m and will be provided with docking bays with a length of 650m



The airport Catullo of Verona, reachable by the Motorway Brennero (A22) is around 35km. 

The airport Gabrielle D’Annunzio of Montichiari, reachable by the SS236, is around 50km.


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